When I was young (circa 1980’s), my Dad bought a video camera from a garage sale. It was older… not one of the portable ones that were popular, but the kind that was tethered to the VCR and TV. My Dad gave us free reign to video whatever we wanted and made us promise not to erase anything we made, no matter the quality. He would give us new VHS tapes if we needed, and told us we’d thank him one day. I definitely used it more than my sister, and he was right, I DO treasure the amazing vault of videos we have that portray my childhood.

I think even then, I understood the importance of wanting to document our daily life. I could be found videoing play dates, making silly short movies with toys, and just playing games with my sister. We made music videos and short films (using my fisher price record player and old ’45 records of course!), but a lot of it was also just filming daily activities (playing on the computer, cleaning up, playing with the cats, talking with friends).

It’s that “photo journaling” that I always maintained with the camera, and it’s what I want to keep going with this site and my photographs in general. I use this space to share our daily lives, and record where we are in time. I really want to hone in on the story telling aspect of photos and videos, and make our memories lasting and able to be shared with our family and friends.

I also desperately try to document the fleeting moments that seem so mundane today, but years later will trigger a flood of memories. The chair that is falling apart in our living room, or the cards we get in the mail from our parents and grandparents. The toys our kids play with and the spaces they decorate. I want to tell a story and remember the emotions. I know when family members and friends are no longer with us, these photos and videos will be invaluable.

So welcome to my history, and I hope you enjoy the sharing! My main audience is our family, so if posts are few and far between, fear not, I’m still updating behind the scenes ;)