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My first baby. Lily.


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lily bean

8 years old, and up until a few weeks ago, healthy.

Fast forward to two weeks ago, and all of a sudden, Lily is falling over after being startled awake, will only turn to the left, has only a fraction of her normal lab energy, and is bumping into things on her right side. Including slamming into the car door.

They have tested her for all sorts of things, and it looks like Lilybean is losing vision in her right eye. It would explain a lot… why she is clumsy when things are left on the floor out of her view, why she fell down the stairs, why she is SO startled when people sneak up on her right side. Now the big question… WHY is she losing her vision?

I have to say, I’m scared. I’ve been fighting back tears all weekend thinking about it. I had hoped that she would live a long healthy life, be there when Ben started school, be around until he was old enough to remember her. Be around long enough for our (eventual) 2nd kid to know her, and possibly have vague memories of her. She was my first dog, and my uber companion when I lived alone in Illinois. She was the reason I met some amazing people at the dog park in Virginia, and she has always been an amazing dog. I put my heart and soul into her well being, and it devastates me to think I could lose her soon. I know it’s inevitable, but this just caught me so off guard. She went from healthy, running around the yard like crazy, jumping into our pool crazy dog, to a dog who looks terrified and scared on a daily basis.

So think good thoughts. We have an appointment with an opthamalogist tomorrow morning. I hope to get more answers as to the cause of her vision loss, and hope it’s by some miracle, treatable. At the very least, I just want her to gain some quality of life back.

I’ll update when I know more, but meanwhile, going to give her lots of hugs tonight.

(Ben is 3 years 7 months 2 weeks and 3 days old)

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  • Benjamin Haag


    What a sweet dog! Thinking of you (and her), and hoping that she’s doing OK.

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