contact me

Have a question? Want to say “hi”? Want to complain and call me names? Blast away via email (but if it’s the latter reason, don’t be surprised if I don’t respond) ;) It’s the best way to reach me as I’m an email-aholic, and now that I have an iPhone, it’s super easy for me to stay connected. Beware though, my spam filter is pretty tough, so forgive me if your message doesn’t get through! You can also send me a message via twitter, or via Facebook… I’m also known to check those fairly often. However, I won’t “friend” you on Facebook if I don’t know you personally, so please don’t be offended if I ignore your request or I don’t recognize who you are.

Twitter: carrieann
Facebook: nelson.carrie
Google+: CarrieNelsonDC
Instagram: carrieann

Hope to hear from you!